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Stewardship of Calaveras County’s Natural Resources

The Water Resources Department is responsible for developing short- and long-term comprehensive water supply management strategies for maintaining and protecting the District’s water Resources at the lowest cost to ratepayers.  Department staff accomplishes this strategic vision through carefully planned, proactive, flexible measures designed to preserve and protect the county’s water resources.

These measures include the following areas of effort:

  • The coordination and development of various mandated water supply planning documents, conservation efforts, and water supply assessments for developer projects
  • Developing strategic water resources documents and planning efforts in the interest of pursuing local and regional water supply reliability
  • Participation on behalf of the District in integrated regional watershed and water resources efforts of significance, including the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
  • Overseeing the District’s natural hazard and dam safety planning efforts
  • Initiating, coordinating, monitoring and reporting for the management of grants in association with other departments

Water Resources Plans

TitleDescriptionDate Published
2015 Urban Water Management Plan (Final)Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) provides information on CCWD water supplies, water use, water conservation programs, water shortage contingency planning, and water supply reliability in Calaveras County under different planning scenarios. Required by Urban Water Management Planning Act via submission to California Department of Water Resources on 5-year update schedule (see DWR page for more info).
2015 UWMP File: CCWD-UWMP-2015-Final-Draft
2015 UWMP Appendices: CCWD-UWMP-2015-Final-Draft_Appendices
2020 Urban Water Management Plan (Board Adopted)UWMP update to support CCWD's long-term water resources planning, incorporating new analyses related to water supply vulnerabilities, climate change risks, and drought supply reliability. Includes new Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) component which implements drought water shortage stages, and defines how CCWD will provide water use notices, enact water conservation measures, and engage with the public during future drought conditions.
2020 UWMP File: CCWD-UWMP-2020-Final-Draft
2020 UWMP Appendices: CCWD-UWMP-2020-Final-Draft_Appendices
2020 WSCP File: CCWD-WSCP-2020-Final-Draft
Memo Regarding 2020 UWMP Projected Ag Demands: CCWD-2020UWMP-AgMemo